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The Center for Communication and Digital Signal Processing (CCDSP) has been established by Silicon DSP Corporation in order to consolidate multiple projects into a single entity in the areas of communications and signal processing. A major project is the Capsim®  Block Diagram Simulation Tool. Other major projects are the modeling of transmission line networks. Capsim is focussed on the block diagram representation of communications and signal processing systems. A large number of modular blocks have been written as well as subroutines that support the modeling and simualtion of complex communication systems and DSP algorithms.

The Center will also house various papers and key sub topics including OFDM system modeling and simulation. OFDM MIMO Beam Forming is also a main topic.

One area that the Center will focus on is Delta Sigma Modulation modeling in Capsim®.

A large number of the projects are Open Source. The Center will strive to make as many efforts available as open source. Due to the complexity of the Capsim Graphical Block Diagram tool with Integrated Interactive Plotting (IIP), the source code is closed for the short term until it can be cleaned up and stabilized. The Capsim® Graphical Block Diagram tools will be availabe at no cost. As we continue to cleanup the code and improve it, we fully intend to make the QT Capsim® V7 code available as Open Source under the GNU Lesser GPL License (V3). In the mean time, the vast majority of blocks and subroutines as well as Java and Perl tools are all open source. The blocks and subroutines are Licensed under the Lesser GPU (version 2) so that any enhancements to the code can be shared with the community but also allow users to link to the blocks and subroutines without having to reveal their code.

The Center will also develop projects for the IONOTRONICS Dakotaraptor® Xilinx T45 FPGA Based Platform.


The Center was formed by Silicon DSP Corporation in 2017. For a history on Capsim® see Capsim® Text Mode Kernel.

For a history of the development of the Transmission Line System Modeling effort see Transmission Line Modeling. The development of these open source projects will continue by Silicon DSP Corporation. The Interactive Graphical version of Capsim® will be developed by Silicon DSP Corporation which will release Capsim® V7 using Qt to support multiple operating systems. Capsim® has been in development since 1988. As can be understood, it has its roots in the C programming language. Capsim® simulation kernel and all block run full speed in C. We will keep it that way. Silicon DSP Corporation has put a significant effort to improve its performance especially eliminating all memory leaks as well as adding capability to both the Open Source Text Mode Kernel as well as the Graphical version of Capsim® ( Qt and X Windows Motif).

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